My name is G. Scott Skocy (the first inintial makes me seem classy, right?), though I have been known to go by skoce or rascallybadger. I have a BA in English from MSSU and I like to write about unimportant things.
Disillusioned with the ever increasing seriousness if growing up, I have chosen to cling tenaciously to the idles of youth. As part of my neverending war on maturity I created We Are Finally Cowboys (which I stole from here). Too much of a dilletante to pick a single subject and stick to it, on We Are Finally Cowboys I will write about: Sports, mostly American Football and College Basketball, movies, T.V., books/literature, comics and videogames. Honestly, it will be mostly video games, the hobby that eats the majority of my free time, and comic books, as I have fairly recently developed a possibly unhealthy fascination with superheroes.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I see we have a few things in common. I, too, am doing my best to resist growing up. I can quite easily see myself as playing video games and wearing my Kingdom Hearts shirt when I’m 80. I also like writing about unimportant things. I get the greatest enjoyment from unimportant things.

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