Top 5 Friday #1

Top 5 Friday is a new feature of my fledgling blog. Every Friday, hopefully, I will post a list of my top 5 favorite or least favorite somethings.  The subject is very much going to change around.  Today I am doing my 5 favorite DC superheroes, because I’ve mostly dome Futurama on this blog so far and I want to do some thing about superheroes.  Next week I might do my 5 favorite Marvel Superheroes, but not necessarily.  And that list would be pretty boring with 4 entries about Thor and 1 about Beta Ray Bill (Space Thor) I might do my 5 least favorite athletes ever or 5 favorite movies, who knows.  But I plan to have a top 5 up every week.

My Top 5 Favorite DC Superheroes

5:  Dick Grayson

Despite his in story youth, Dick is one of the oldest characters in the DCU.  You probably know him as the first Robin, or maybe as Nightwing.  I assume that everyone knows who Batman and Robin are.  Dick is easily the most recognized character on this list so he needs the least introduction.  Recently he has replaced the supposedly dead Batman.  (Yeah I bet Batman is really dead.)  One thing that is consistent about Dick is that he is awesome.  The trick to Dick is that he is Batman, but not an asshole.  I love me some Batman,(I actually think it is illegal to not love Batman if you are an American citizen) but Dick is great.  To the younger members of the Bat-family he is the cool uncle.  The one you go to complain about how much of an asshole Batman is.  But Dick is also wholly loyal to Bats.  Plus, Dick’ll bang chick he comes across; murderous vigilantes, Batgirl, Hot Aliens, crippled Batgirl, and numerous others.  The only chick I’ve seen him turn down is the jailbait Supergirl.  I bet if the opportunity presented itself he could get Wonder Woman because he just that awesome.  So he is basically James Bond in a Batman costume and there are few things better than that.

4: Stargirl

Stargirl is the step-daughter of Pat Dugan, Stripesy, the only adult from the Golden Age who was the side-kick of a child, the Star-Spangled Kid.  When Courtney, Stargirl’s real name, found this out she took the super-power equipment of her step-dad’s former partner and became a hero.  She became a hero to annoy her step-dad because she was mad that her mother remarried.  So her father used his new robot suit to follow her and try to keep her safe.  At first Stargirl was really annoying.  She was 100% out to get back at Pat, but eventually she started to take being a hero seriously.  Fortunately for her she never joined the Teen Titans, because their book is full of terrible, but instead joined the oldest, coolest super team, the Justice Society of America.  As this list shows, I love me some JSA.  Eventually Starman retired and gave her his Star-rod, so now she has even more power.  Now, Courtney is, while still very young, one of the most experienced heroes in the JSA.  And unlike almost ever other young superhero, Stargirl acts like a kid without tons of stupid angst and whining.  She is just a fun character and every story she has been in has been better for it.

3: Wildcat

Ted Grant, former Heavy Weight Champion Boxer dresses like a cat and beats up criminals as the Wildcat.  That is all you really need to know about Wildcat, but I am going to give a bonus couple of hundred words anyway.  When young Ted Grant saved heavy weight boxer “Socker” Smith from a mugging and Smith was so grateful that he trained Grant to be a boxer himself, which he did with great success.  Unfortunately his manager had ties with the mob and Smith got killed.   Grant was the prime suspect in Smith’s murder, but just in case he knew something, the mob put a hit out on him.  Grant survived the hit and taking inspiration from a Green Lantern comic(seriously) he fashioned a cat suit to hide his identity as he fought the mob and tried to clear his name.  He is currently in the JSA as resident head knocker , but he also trains other heroes.  He trained Batman in boxing, but according to the laws of Batman I’m sure Bats surpassed his teacher in skill, as well as Catwoman and all the youngsters in the JSA.  He also has some dealings with a magician of some sort that tried to turn him into a cat, but he got help from fellow hero Zatara and instead only got 9 cat lives.  Just like Batman, Wildcat has no powers, but unlike Batman he is not a great detective, he’s not insanely rich.  He’s just a retired boxer who dresses like a cat and punches criminals in the face.  Which is awesome.  He is also the first member of the JSA to charge into battle, despite his lack of powers.  He is also usually the first one taken out, but recovers fast enough to be one of the last ones standing.  He has also boned Catwoman, and Wonder Woman’s mom.  Yep, Wildcat banged WW’s mom.  If you need any more proof of how awesome Wildcat is, in the new Batman cartoon he is voiced by R. Lee Ermy.  I feel Wildcat needs no more justification to be on this list.

2: Power Girl

Power Girl is best known for one reason, well actually two, as you can not doubt see from the picture PG’s got some big boobs.  Many reader think that those are all that PG has going on and that’s all people like about her.  But that is not what I caught my eye with her.  No the reason I like her is her origin and history.  She is Supergirl from an alternate reality that was destroyed in the original Crisis.  The is the Crisis on Infinite Earths, where the DC management decided that the DC universe, with all of its alternate realities was too confusing so they eliminated all of the alternate realties until they were down to the one true earth.  All the alternate reality character were erased.  But somehow Power Girl survived.  Maybe it was that because Supergirl died in that Crisis which allowed PG to continue, maybe it was because she was really popular.  Of course, because her reality was destroyed and the new editorial mandate made Superman the only survivor of krypton, her origin changed.  She got booted from being a Superman supporting character to being an Aquaman ancillary character, with the power loss that comes with such a downgrade (the hate of Aquaman is greatly exaggerated and he is actually a fairly interesting character, but he is no Superman).  Of course, the anti-krypton stance faded and the multiverse came back so Power Girl’s original origin came back.  Her original home world already had a Power Girl, so she is stuck in the main DC universe.  Outside her intriguing(read: confusing) history, Power Girl is also noted for her look, which I will defend at a later time.  She is one of the few heroines who is usually drawn with some muscle to go along with her breasts.  I will defend her for them because she is drawn like she might have big boobs.  She is a big woman. She also has an attitude.  Not one of those 90’s exxxtreeme attitudes, but feminist bitch attitude.  This is usually something that I find grating (I got no problems with feminism, but with I do have problems with anybody that thinks some sort of philosophy or point of view gives them the right to act like a jerk) but it has generally been a part of her character, not her character.  Also it creates some funny moments with the old fashioned members of the JSA, like Wildcat, who are more than a little sexist.  She, like most everyone on this list, is one of the first to rush into battle.  I like heroes that don’t moralize or hem and haw, but who get things done.  I like the fighters.  Her and Wildcat fulfill those roles for the JSA.  Plus, by being involved with both the JSA and JLI Power Girl has been in the best super teams ever.

1: Guy Gardner, GL

This is Guy Gardner:

Thats about all you need to see, but I have more anyway.  I have mentioned before that Batman is an asshole, and by the laws of the universe this means batman is the worlds biggest asshole.  Because the law of Batman states that if Batman does something, he does it better than anybody else.  Well, Guy is a bigger asshole than Batman.  He is the only person who does something better than Batman  Surpassing Batman is one of the reasons that Guy tops this list.  The other is that he just that great.  He was the back-up Green Lantern on Earth, but always felt he should have been the main GL.  Guy was college football player who had a career ending injury so he graduated college and taught children with disabilities.  After meeting with Hal Jordan, he starting helping with GL stuff.  Unfortunately for him ,the power battery blew up in his face and sent him to the phantom zone, where Superman puts super criminals.  So Hal, the main GL, did the honorable thing and staring banging Guy girlfriend.  Guy was saved from the Phantom Zone, but was in a coma.  When he came out of the come he was the douche bag Guy everyone knows and loves.  Before the coma Guy taught disabled kids, after he was an over the top, hyper-patriotic 80’s hero.  He joined the Justice League International and declared himself leader.  No one listened, so he challenged Batman to a fight, resulting in a one punch knockout by Batman.

He started dating Ice, the sweet, naïve Scandinavian super heroine.  On there first date Guy took her to a porno theatre.  Guy is an awesome dude.  He eventually lost his GL ring, but got a yellow one to replace it.  He eventually lost that, but got goofy alien powers.  Recently he lost those too, but got his Green Lantern ring back.  Though he is an undeniable asshole, Guy is generally really good at his superhero job.  Not as good as he thinks he is, but no one, not even Batman, is that good.  While Guy talks a good game, he can usually back it up.  Guy’s douche bag façade is just that, a façade that he will only drop for his closest friends.  Plus, seeing him act like suck a jerk and then back up his boasting is just great.

There are my top 5 DC superheroes.  I love all of the these characters.  Still, I’d like to leave a list of those who just missed the cut:  the rest of the JLI, Big Barda, Oracle, Dr. Midnight, Shazam! and  all the Flashes.  Next week:  who knows?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Friday #1

  1. Hey! Just cruising through!

    I definitely agree with some of your picks. I have to say though, I am a die-hard fan of Superman. lol.

    Agreed, Batman is a total asshole.

    I am giving your blog a thumbs up on BlogShare–

    • Oh I’ll inevitably end up writing about Superman at some point, but my favorite superheroes have always been the 2nd tier guys. So my favorites tend to be well enough know to get their own books, but not necessarily the most popular.
      Thanks for the comment, though. I’ve only been at this about a week and I’m just getting my feet under me.

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