Unfortunate Situation

I was watching the NFL Draft earlier tonight and I was disappointed to see Tim Tebow drafted by the Denver Broncos.  Not because I think it was a bad pick, though I do think it was a little early, but because I really wanted to root for Tebow.  And I hate the Broncos.  Not as much as I did now that Elway and Shannahan are gone, but I still don’t like them.  They are one of those sports teams that I will never root for, like the Cowboys and Patriots or the Lakers in the NBA or the Cardinals in baseball.  Due to this animosity, gained during my formative years as a Chiefs fan, I can never bring myself to root for Denver.  I just flat do not like the Broncos.  I also am not a fan of Florida.  There is no reason behind it, its not like I am a fan of one of their rivals, but I generally do not root for Florida.   But Tim Tebow I like.  I did not want to like him.  I watched him play wanting to hate him.  i wanted him to be the villain.  Yes, I consider some athletes villains, not usually because anything they have done, but because they play for teams I do not like.  But everything I’ve ever heard about Tebow makes him seem like such a great guy that I can’t help but want to root for him.   But he had to go and get drafted by the Broncos, a team I can never root for.  I guess my only hope is that things do not work out for him there and he is traded to a team i do like, or a least have no feelings about.

Note:  Tomorrow, or later today I guess, I should have another Futurama review up and my entry into what should become a regular feature here:  Top 5 Friday.


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