Scott’s Sunday Comic Review

So sometimes I buy comics (mostly on Thursdays) and because no one is dying to know what i think, I will jot down my thoughts as weekly reviews.  This first week actually contains more comics than I usually buy, but it was a heavy week for me.

Green Lantern Corps 48: This is Tony Bedard’s 2nd issue after taking over for Peter Tomasi and it is okay.  Not as good as Tomasi was, but Tomasi’s GLC was one of the better books over the last few years.  This issue deals with the complete failing of another of the Guardians great plans: the Alpha Lanterns.  Everybody knew that the Alpha Lanterns were going to go bad as soon as they appeared, so their corruption/defection is no surprise.  Still, the execution is pretty good.  Ardian Syaf’s art is not great, but it tolerable.  There are no real twists here, except Cyborg Superman being the one who takes over the Alphas, but this is revealed on the first page.  The only question is when this is resolved are any of the Alpha Lanterns going to be saved?

Justice League: Generation Lost 4:  With issue 4 of this 26 issue story we finally get to the starting point.  Max Lord is losing control of his powers and he has engineered the return of the JLI.  The players are assembled, now lets see what they do.  Like the previous issues, I liked this one.  The fact that it is a set number of issues means that even if the first few issues are slow they are going somewhere.  I was leery of this due to Judd Winick writing because his stuff tends to range from mediocre to terrible, but here he has done a pretty good job.

Superman 700:  This anniversary issue is light on classic feeling moments.  The first story, by James Robinson, is a nice coda to his run on the book.  Nothing great, but enjoyable enough.  The next story is by Dan Jurgens.  A nice story, but has as much Batman and Robin as Superman.  The last is the start of J. Michael Staczynski’s “Grounded” storyline.  The idea of Superman traveling around the United States to get back in touch with the country after spending the last year away is not a bad idea, but how he decides to do this is done in a stupid and off-putting way.  A woman accosts him and asks why he could not help save her husband from his brain tumor because he was too busy saving the world.  So Superman should feel bad because he he can’t save everyone?  That’s hubris.  If that is the point of the story, that Superman needs to feel less responsible for every bad thing that happens it could be good.  And the idea of Superman traveling the country is decent.  But not a good start.  Still a decent anniversary.

Zatanna 2:  This second issue written by Paul Dini and drawn by Stephane Roux is pretty good.  Zatanna fights a dream corrupting imp and the big villain plots.  I really have nothing to say other than this is pretty good.

Power Girl 13:  I was especially leery of Winick’s usually awful writing here, on my previously favorite book.  And the new artist is not Amanda Conner.  Sami Basri’s art is actually very good.   Not Conner good, but nothing is. It is different enough that it feels less disappointing a change than someone who tries to do something similar or generic superhero art.  Winick tries to maintain the humor, but does differently than Gray and Palmiotti.  I did like that is ties PG into Generation Lost and shows why she was such a dick to Booster Gold in the first issue.  I am still scared that he is going to destroy all that the previous writers built, but through one issue it is really good.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne 3:  Pirate Batman!  Well not really, but close enough.  This whole mini-series is slightly less good than it should be, but that does not mean it’s not great.  In this issue Batman sword fights Blackbeard on a bridge made out of bones.   No matter what slight failings it may have, that alone is enough to redeem it.  Not that it really needs redemption.  Yanick Paquette’s art is really good and the plot is coming together nicely.  I am still really excited for more of this, especially because the next issue is cowboy Batman.