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  • An eternal question has been answered.  Well, maybe not eternal, but it’s been on my mind since at least last week.  What is the difference between a Heath bar and a Skor bar?  I had not realized the Hershey Company made both.  Why would one candy company need 2 separate chocolate covered toffee bars?  To unravel this mystery I gathered a group of candy experts, my brothers B-Dog and Clebob (their names have been changed to protect their anonymity) and we each sampled both bars, washing them down with that greatest of fruit flavored sodas,, Black Cherry.  All three of us came to the same conclusion.  The Skor bar is smoother, while the Heath bar is somewhat nutty, but the Heath bar is far superior in taste.  So if you feel the desire for a chocolate covered toffee bar, go with the Heath.
  • There are many things I wanted to have gotten done in the last week or so, including several half-finished blog posts, that I just haven’t been able to do.  And there is one big reason why:  Dragon Quest 9 for the DS.  DQ9 hits me in most of my video game pleasure centers.  It’s an old school RPG with a job system, a do it yourself party, and good old fashioned adventuring.  Best of all: it’s multiplayer.  It’s DQ with a healthy dash of Diablo and it’s perfect.  Also, a humongous time sink.  A more thorough write-up will come later, but right now I’ve several hundred more hours to put on this baby.
  • I’ve been getting back into my reading lately.  I just finished a reread of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.  I really need to read some criticism on it and write something marginally substantial about it or at least a decent review on this here blog.  I really love how the novel combines the classic romance with an eerie fairy tale.  I mean looked at just right this is a downright horrifying novel.  The man keeps a person locked in his attic.  This has always been one of my favorite classic novels.
  • I also reread Francis Burney’s Evelina just before I read Jane Eyre.  An epistolary novel, one written as a series of letters, Evelina is something of a Proto-Austen novel of manners.  At times, this is a bit dull, but if you enjoy the works of Austen and others like her, it is a worthwhile read.  I like it at least.
  • The last book I’ve read recently is The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy by Mary Street.  I love spins on classic novels that tell the story from a different characters perspective because they often have interesting ideas or insights about the events of the novel, but this one manages to be pretty dull.  If you want to read Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s perspective you will probably not be that disappointed, but it is entirely unchallenging.
  • To make myself look a little manlier I’ll write about sports for a little bit.  Specifically the Lebron James signing.  The criticisms against him are bordering on ridiculous.  Except the jilted lover comments from Cleveland.  Hurt feelings are appropriate there for at least a few months.  But he will not be the first great player to play with other great players.  Jordan had Pippen, Magic played with Kareem, and Bird played with Parish, McHale, and Walton.  Even Kobe played with Shaq.  And not the zombie Shaq that has been shuffling around NBA courts for the last few seasons, but prime of his career Shaquille O’Neal.  James playing with Wade and Bosh will not damage his legacy as long as they win.  I do predict a loss in the conference championships for them next year though.  You’ll see.
  • For someone who rests a ridiculous amount of his self-worth on his skills at Mega Man, Mega Man 10 is handing me my ass far too regularly.  I wiped the floor with 9, but 10 is giving me fits.  I’ve only managed to down 2 bosses in over an hour of play.  It’s sad.
  • I have also been playing Zombie Panic in Wonderland.  No, it’s not quite as awesome as its name would indicate, but its still loads of ridiculous fun.  Who wouldn’t want to play as Little Red Riding Hood or Dorothy from Oz as they immolate rotting reanimated corpses with flamethrowers?  Only soulless monsters wouldn’t.
  • So new Futurama continues and even though I’ve not managed to review each episode on my blog here, I have watched and enjoyed greatly each new episode.  It seems to be hitting that great Futurama stride, though there haven’t been any truly great episodes yet. Still middle of the road Futurama is better than 90% of what’s on television, so rejoice at out good fortune of continued animated goodness.
  • Also returning to T.V. is USA’s great detective show Psych.  I love how Shawn is just short of being a complete sociopath, but is reined in just enough to be a likeable and relatable character.  I also loved that they called the inferior knock-off “The Mentalist” on being an inferior rip-off.  With no Monk, Psych is easily the best detective show on T.V.

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