Rambley Bits

Rambley Bits 1-07-11: Video Games and NFL Playoffs

  • I hope for Rambley Bits to become my end of week random thoughts update, for ideas too small for their own posts.  The NFL Playoffs start tomorrow.  I am feeling the need to predict.
  • Saints over Seahawks.  Because the Seahawks kind of suck, and the Saints, depleted as they are with no Pierre Thomas or Chris Ivory, are the better team.
  • Ravens over Chiefs.  The Chiefs are a good young team.  But they got to the playoffs on the easiest schedule in football and the Ravens are better.  It will be close, but the Ravens win.
  • Colts over Jets.  The Colts are even more depleted than the Saints, but they’ve been stopping the run and running the ball well lately and the Jets faded down the stretch.  Plus, the Colts were my pre-season Super Bowl pick from the AFC and I’m not ready to let them go.
  • Packers over Eagles.  I have no faith in this pick.  I like both teams, but I think the Packers have been more consistent.   Plus, just like the Colts, they were my pre-season NFC Super Bowl pick and I think they’ll get out of the first round.
  • I’m going to beat Lunar Silver Star Story pretty soon.  Expect a final review next week.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for DS is equally infuriating and terrific.  It’s a SRPG and the actual strategy parts are pretty great, but the open story paths, while laudable in their intent, do nothing but frustrate me.  This I consider my failing and not the game’s, but the endless escort missions are definitely the games fault.  This one is going back on the shelf for a few months.
  • I was reading Sense and Sensibility, and had a halfway through thoughts post ready to go, but I lost my copy of the book.  Now I’m hesitant to post it until I secure another copy and know I can finish.  Meanwhile, the hunt for the lost book continues
  • I’m reading King Solomon’s Mines in the absence of Austen.  I’m not far in, but I’ve read H. Rider Haggard before (She) and enjoyed him, despite the casual racism and sexism.
  • I’ve been reading through my old JSA trades.  I hope to start reviewing them soon.  I loves me some Wildcat.
  • Having Netflix has not exactly been the boon to my video watching I hoped.  Because apparently I can’t get enough of mediocre TV.  Why, with all of the Netflix on demand library at my fingertips am I watching Lois & Clark.
  • I really like Lois & Clark
  • Quick Comic Reviews: Green Lantern 61: goodish
  • Flash 8: great
  • JSA All-Stars 14: fun as hell
  • Freedom Fighters 5: see JSA All-Stars
  • Brightest Day 17:  ask me again in 2 weeks

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