The Quest

I am tired of playing my PS2.  My PS2 has certainly seen better days.  It no longer plays DVDs, it has trouble with some games despite their pristine conditions.  It won’t recognize the lid is closed unless there are several games sitting on top of the system.  The system in definitely on its last legs.  As much as I love the old guy, I am ready to move on.  Honestly, for much of the last 2 years I have been done with it.  I have played my Wii and DS and recently my brother’s PS3.  But that PS2 stayed hooked up right next to others, waiting for me to finally come and finish off my PS2 library.  Well, that time is now.

Here is the list of PS2 games that I own but haven‘t beaten:

  1. Unlimited Saga
  2. Mark of the Kri
  3. Okage: The Shadow King
  4. ChoroQ
  5. Phantom Brave
  6. Chaos Legion
  7. Forever Kingdom
  8. Silent Hill 2
  9. Darkwatch
  10. Gungrave
  11. Shining Force Neo
  12. Genji
  13. Maximo
  14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  15. Front Mission 4
  16. Grim Grimoire
  17. Killer 7
  18. Star Ocean 3
  19. SMT Devil Summoner 2
  20. Shining Tears
  21. Growlanser 3
  22. Drakengard 2
  23. Castlevania:  Lament of Innocence
  24. Gun
  25. Tsugunai: Atonement
  26. Wild Arms 3
  27. SMT: Nocturne
  28. Rogue Galaxy
  29. Steambot Chronicles
  30. Bully
  31. The Thing
  32. Eve of  Extinction

32 games.  My goal is to beat or just remove every game on the list.  I intend to beat most of them, but I am sure there are some on the list I will never be able to.  I’m not just going to exclude games so that I can say I cleared the list, but neither am I going to spend a lot of time playing a game that I hate.

It is quite a list, but I can already thin it.  I beat Bully and Steambot Chronicles in the last week or so, so that removes them from the list.  And there are a couple to simply remove.  I have tried on at least 4 separate occasions to play Unlimited Saga, and every time quit frustrated.  It may be a worthwhile game once you get the hang of it, but I have wasted enough time on it already.  It is off.  And Phantom Brave, while a perfectly fine game is off as well.  I am removing Phantom Brave because I already played almost 2 thirds the way through it only to lose my save.  The day may come that I decide to replay Phantom Brave, but I did not like it well enough to play it through again.  So that is 4 games off the list, with 28 left to go.

I hope to have this list finished before the end of summer.  While there are quite a few RPGs on that list, I have played most of them extensively, so that is not an outrageous goal.   Right now I am playing Gun, a decent western GTA clone and Tsugunai: Atonement, an RPG from early in the PS2’s life from Atlus that is, through the first hour, completely mediocre.  Here I go.

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