The Quest 4: The Quest for Peace

I beat no games this week. I made progress on three, but there is not crossing something off the list this week. Tsugunai continues to be tolerable, but after 15 of the 34 quests, I feel I’ve seen just about everything this game has to offer. While the basics of the battle system is good, the fact that you never control more than one character makes it too simple. Growlanser III compliments it’s fun battle system by going out of its way to drain the fun out of it. When it shines through the crap it is great, but there is too much crap. Too much anime bullshit, Too much uneven difficulty and too much ridiculous battle restrictions.

I also started Casltevania: Lament of Innocence. It is the 2D handheld games perfectly transitioned to 3D. Unfortunately, as much as I like those Castlevania games, this is not a good thing. Since the castle is segmented, the fun of exploring it is curtailed. And 3D space makes the backtracking and constant combat a tedious chore. Still, the game is marginally enjoyable. The mediocre reviews it got on release were accurate. My current map completion percentage is about 55%, so I should definitely finish it up by next week.

  1. Tsugunai: Atonement
  2. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
  3. Growlanser Generations
  4. Okage: The Shadow King
  5. ChoroQ
  6. Chaos Legion
  7. Mark of the Kri
  8. Forever Kingdom
  9. Silent Hill 2
  10. Darkwatch
  11. Shining Force Neo
  12. Genji
  13. Maximo
  14. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  15. Front Mission 4
  16. Grim Grimoire
  17. Killer 7
  18. Star Ocean 3
  19. SMT Devil Summoner 2
  20. Shining Tears
  21. Drakengard 2
  22. Wild Arms 3
  23. The Thing
  24. Rogue Galaxy
  25. Yakuza 2
  26. SMT Nocturne
  27. Gun
  28. Gungrave
  29. Steambot Chronicles
  30. Bully
  31. Unlimited Saga
  32. Phantom Brave

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