The Quest 5: The Final Frontier

I was not sure that I was doing an update of The Quest this week, as I had made little progress, but two nights ago, I became so fed up with backtracking in Castlevania that I disgustedly put it back on the shelf. Ten minutes later Growlanser III joined, though for no specific reason, I just didn’t feel like playing it anymore right now. That left two slots for me to add games to my immediate playing schedule.

The first I added was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Fresh off seeing the fantastic Thor movie (review coming) I was hankering for some superhero smashing. Unfortunately, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has now been added to the distressing list of games my PS2 just will not play. While this is disappointing, it is not as bad as some others are because my brother has the game for the PS3. I can just play it on that system later. So Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has been removed from the list.

I’ve also pulled Killer 7 and Star Ocean 3 from the shelf. I have not played Killer 7 enough to even begin to form an opinion on it, but so for I have enjoyed most of the other games from Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51, so I have high hopes. As for Star Ocean 3, I have played nearly halfway through that game over the last 4 or 5 years, but I have yet to really get the battle system. It looks like the Tales games, but it plays differently and it has just not clicked for me yet. I have managed to make it as far as I have on sheer determination and because I’m not stupid. If the rest of the game was more worth my time, I probably spent enough time to figure the game out, but the story is somewhat terrible and I hate the crafting. One more chance is all it gets.

I am still playing Tsugunai: Atonement. I have finally figured out how to enjoy that game. A couple times a week I play one of the games “missions.” Even if I am still enjoying playing at that point, I shut the game off. Tsugunai grates quickly, but has enough good ideas to be enjoyable in small chunks. It does mean that beating it will probably be a long time coming.

From now on, I will only update on mission to finish with all my Ps2 games if I have something to cross of the list, as I did this week with M:UA.

  1. Tsugunai: Atonement
  2. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
  3. Growlanser Generations
  4. Okage: The Shadow King
  5. ChoroQ
  6. Chaos Legion
  7. Mark of the Kri
  8. Forever Kingdom
  9. Silent Hill 2
  10. Darkwatch
  11. Shining Force Neo
  12. Genji
  13. Maximo
  14. Front Mission 4
  15. Grim Grimoire
  16. Killer 7
  17. Star Ocean 3
  18. SMT Devil Summoner 2
  19. Shining Tears
  20. Drakengard 2
  21. Rogue Galaxy
  22. The Thing
  23. Wild Arms 3
  24. Yakuza 2
  25. SMT Nocturne
  26. Gun
  27. Gungrave
  28. Steambot Chronicles
  29. Bully
  30. Unlimited Saga
  31. Phantom Brave
  32. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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