Let’s Play?

Other than the completely random and very lazy celebration of Guy Gardner I’m doing this month, you might have noticed that the actual amount of writing I’ve been doing is down from what it has been for most of this year. There have been a lack of posts that require …you know… effort. That is not because I decided Guy was enough for a month, though it should be, but because I have been spending most of my writing time working on my Let’s Play of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones over on the Gamespite forums.

You may ask what is a Let’s Play? It is a play through of a game where the player documents his or her efforts with screenshots or videos, then combines them with hopefully informative and/or entertaining narration and commentary. I am currently less than halfway through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and I’ve decided I need to focus on getting it done. Unfortunately, with the amount of time I must devote to working on the let’s play I don’t have the time to write as much I as I have been. So with 25 Years of NES complete, I am going to spend my time working on that.

That does not mean that I am going to abandon We Are Finally Cowboys, but there will be much less content over the next 2 or 3 months. I do want to eventually post he let’s play here on the blog, but for now I’ll settle a link whenever I update. I do have some planned new features here, to go along with what I hope is a monthly series A Question of Character.  But they may take some time getting off the ground.

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