My own Star Trek

Putting my Netflix account to good use, I’ve started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Despite TNG running during my formative years and my being one nerdy son of a bitch, I have never really watched it. Sure I’ve caught a few reruns and learned the basics of the shows premise and cast through cultural osmosis, but before it came to Netflix I knew next nothing about not only TNG but of Star Trek in general.

As a video game playing, anime watching, comic book reading sci-fi and fantasy fan, Star Trek was the one kind of geekery I’ve managed to avoid. It wasn’t a conscious avoidance, just happenstance and a general lack of interest in what I considered a boring series, at least compared to Star Wars. When I was in college, I would occasionally watch late night reruns of the Original Series, but other that for some campy amusement it didn’t grab me. The pop-y, loud 2009 movie got my attention. I didn’t run out to find other Star Trek related media, but I put it on my list of things to eventually check out. It wasn’t until Star Trek came to Netflix that I decided there was no time like the present to watch it.

So far, I’ve watched the first season and about half of the second season. I was told my numerous people to skip most of the first two seasons and start with Season 3. Screw that though, I’m going to watch it all.

I’m not sure I’d have missed anything if I had skipped the first season. It does have Tasha Yar, but it might have been better off without seeing her. She was not a terrible character (and honestly, who shines in Season 1?) but she never gets to develop past one note. Her end makes all the screen time she got through-out the season seem pointless. Mostly season 1 is just mediocre sci-fi. Season 2, through the first 10 or so episodes, has been a bit better. There have definitely been some clunkers, (The Outrageous Okona, The Child) but the only real problem is the wretched Dr. Pulaski. She is a terrible, hateful person. Watching her delight in reminding Data that he is not human is uncomfortable.

In general, I am liking the show. I will keep watching a few episodes a night until I finish the series, and from there I don’t know. I might watch Deep Space 9, I might watch Voyager, and I might go back and watch the original series. Or I might watch something else entirely. I see Angry Beavers is also on Netflix now.