NFL Week 14

I did not do so good last week. Some of my picks (Jags over Chargers) were more wishful thinking than what I actually thought would happen. At least the Giants gave the Packers as good of a game as they have had all season. Every game that was a toss up went the other way. Too bad. I don’t see a lot that is interesting this weekend. None of the games really pop out at me.

Browns at Steelers: Steelers (Thurs)
Texans at Bengals: Bengals
Vikings at Lions: Lions
Saints at Titans: Saints
Eagles at Dolphins: Dolphins
Chiefs at Jets: Jets
Patriots at Redskins: Patriots
Falcons at Panthers: Falcons
Buccaneers at Jaguars: Jaguars
Colts at Ravens: Ravens
Bears at Broncos: Broncos
49ers at Cardinals: 49ers
Raiders at Packers: Packers
Bills at Chargers: Bills
Giants at Cowboys: Giants
Rams at Seahawks: Seahawks
Last Week: 7-9
Total: 125-67