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Since I don’t have the time, or really the inclination, to expound in depth on all the games’ I’ve been playing recently, I am just going to do a monthly rundown of what I’ve been playing like the ones I do for what I read.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD – I’ve just started playing this remake of one of my favorite Zelda games. I’ve made it to Dragon’s Roost and I’m loving it. It looks even better than before. I’ll be playing this for a while.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – I started this way back when the two Oracle games were released on 3DS, but lost track of it around the fifth dungeon. With no game being currently played in my 3DS, I figured I’d try to beat it before Pokemon X/Y hits. I’ve made it through the fifth dungeon now and should make it.

Lunar Silver Star Harmony – With a new PSP and a stack of games to play on it, my sudden cravings for the anime stylings of the Lunar series was serendipitous. I don’t know if I like this version better than the PlayStation one, despite it being objectively better in several ways. I just have a lot of nostalgia for the first remake and nostalgia is Lunar’s biggest selling point. It’s still Lunar though, so I’m having fun.


Bit.Trip Saga – I picked this up on the cheap from the eshop and have had my fun with it. I beat Beat and Void, both of which I greatly enjoyed. I was completely stymied by Core and gave up and I still absolutely detest Runner. The other two I didn’t play enough to from much of an opinion on them. It’s on my 3DS permanently and all of them are the sort of game that work great just randomly playing on occasion. I will probably do so for a long time.

Toki Tori 2 – Another game I started months ago and just now got around to finishing. I did right as they released a patch, making it Toki Tori 2+, so I only got to experience the fixes right at the end. It is a terrific little puzzle platformer. You are a bird who can tweet and stomp and you must solve some pretty dastardly puzzles with those few abilities. For such a cutesy game, it does almost no hand holding. Loads of fun.

Valkyria Chronicles II – The first game I tried out in my new PSP. It should be right up my alley; a strategy game with a focus on getting to know your army. That is formula Fire Emblem rode right into my heart. But in VCII, you army is a group of unlikable imbeciles. The gameplay is excellent, it is that gaggle of braindead “characters” that killed my interest in this game. Not a single one of them does anything but grate on my nerves. I might come back to this later, but I’m done with it for now.

Attack of the Friday Monsters – This is a charming little adventure game, set in a town used to shoot monster a monster TV show in the ’70s. As the young boy protagonist, you make friends with neighborhood kids, play card games and run errands. There really isn’t much game here. That doesn’t stop Attack from being wonderfully charming all the way through. I’m not sure there is a better way to spend three hours.

The Wonderful 101 – I will have a full review of this at some point. This is another game from genius game director Hideki Kamiya, the man behind classics like Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Bayonetta. It is just as excellent as his previous offerings (I know it is disingenuous to suggest that a video game is the product of one man, but the games this man directs are uniformly awesome). It looks like Viewtiful Joe and plays like Bayonetta with a little dash of Pikmin. I am in love with this game. I will likely keep playing it after I finish with Wind Waker. It is probably the best game released all year. Buy it. I don’t care if you even have a WiiU, you should buy this game.

On the Horizon:

Pokemon X/Y – I am inordinately pumped for a new Pokemon game, even though we got new ones each of the last two years. I am ready to catch them all again

Ace Attorney 5 – No matter how pumped I may be for Pokemon, it pales in comparison to how pumped I am to return to the world of Phoenix Wright. I had all but given up hope of seeing more from this series, but it is coming and soon.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – I enjoyed FFXIII more than most and have had the sequel sitting on my shelf for more than a year. With the third part of this trilogy coming soon, I feel the need to play this game. I am at least certain it will be pretty. Maybe I’ll get started once I finish a Zelda.

Earthbound – I was so excited when this came out on the VC, but I only played it for an hour or two before promptly just leaving it sit on the WiiU. I really need to play it, it has been too long since I’ve done so

Resident Evil: Revelations – This will go in my 3DS around the end of the month; it seems like a good Halloween game. Or course, that is only if I am done with AA5 and/or Pokemon. Still, I will at least pop it in for the holiday.

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