What I’ve Been Playing Nov ‘13

November was a big gaming month, but not so much for me. I know the current generation of consoles has been the longest lasting ever, but I’m not really ready to move on. Maybe that’s not right. Its not that I’m not interested in new hardware; I’m just not interested in any of the games for those consoles. As this generation has gone on, my tastes have drifted further and further from the mainstream. Again, that’s not quite right. I still like the same kind of games I’ve always liked, they are just not the mainstream at all anymore. So I am not likely to drop the big money on a PS4 or an XBone any time soon. I’m more than happy with my 3DS and WiiU. Plus, there are still plenty of good PS3 games I haven’t had the chance to play yet. Luckily for me, Nintendo keeps pumping out games that are right in my wheelhouse. So let’s rundown what I played last month.


Super Mario 3D World: I’ll try to have a full write up of this soon, but suffice to say I liked it a whole bunch. It is the best Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy 2 and is maybe better than that. Maybe.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies: I’ve already wrote this game up. It is an excellent entry in this series. I haven’t got around to the DLC case, but I’ve powered through the rest and loved it.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: Another game I’ve already written up. It’s good, not great.


Final Fantasy XIII-2: I’m making progress. I’m still liking it, despite the story being, amazingly, worse than the first FFXIII game.

Pokemon HeartGold: I’m steadily making progress in the only Pokemon game I’ve never beaten. It is hard to go back to the DS games after playing the 3DS one. Its slower and uglier. The other problem I’m having is that I’m having trouble building a team that fits my style. I like fast, hard hitting Pokemon and there just don’t seem to be many of those around early in HeartGold. Maybe I’m just making bad choices, but everything seems to be slow and /or defensive. It’s just not my style.

Pokemon Y: I am so close to finishing up my competitive team. I’ve been making really slow progress on this. Still, until recently this has been the game in my 3DS cartridge slot.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: I finally maxed out my team on the Demo and moved on to the full game. I’m trying it with the story team, and it is a different experience. Through the first Stratum, I’d say not as good an experience. It still fun, but I miss being able to truly customize my party. Right now it feels limiting, though the personalities are a fun addition. I expect my progress to be slow, but steady.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: I’m about halfway through this already. So far I’m finding this game much better than the other Oracle game. Its just faster, more compact. I might like it more than Link’s Awakening.

Wii Fit U: I got the free version of this, through Nintendo’s deal for people who own a balance board and are willing to buy the pedometer. It is a useful tool if not a true weight loss answer in itself.


Ratchet and Clank All 4 One: I really want to finish this up soon. Me and my brother are real close to the end, though we haven’t played since summer.

Pikmin 3: It’s in my WiiU right now. I just need to turn it on.

Earthbound: I promise this time.

Super Princess Peach: I tried to buy this off of ebay a few years ago, but ended up with a bootleg cart. I’ve kind of realized I’m never going to see this in the wild, so I’m just going to play that bootleg.

Rocket Knight: I bought this when I first got my PS3, played about 2/3s of it but then kind of lost track of it. It shouldn’t take me too long to finish.

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