Top 5 Friday: Favorite Movie Scenes

These are my 5 favorite movie scenes. While I had to do some winnowing down, most of these scenes popped right into my head. This list did kind of shift from being small, discreet moments to longer scenes. It has a little of both. These are my 5 favorite movie moments. Every time I see one of these I have to stop and watch. Some are just impossibly enjoyable, some give me chills every time; all are great.

5. Clifftop Duel The Princess Bride. I could change this to just about any scene in the movie. There are just so many great scenes here. I’m going with the fight between Inigo and Westley. It is just so much fun, both with the banter and the sword fighting.

4. Castle Escape Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. With all due respect to The Great Escape, this is my favorite motorcycle chase. Plus, it has Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

3. Juror 10’s Racist Rant 12 Angry Men. The most powerful scene in an excellent movie. One by one they all leave the table and turn their backs on him, the exact reaction that people should give thoughts like his.

2. Round 14 Rocky. This scene gets me every time I see this film. It is just so perfect.

1. The Graveyard Shootout The Good The Bad and The Ugly. I have never seen anything better in a movie. It pushes the tension to ridiculous levels yet still is riveting.

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