Summer Movie Preview

So it is getting to be that time of year again. The time when very expensive and very dumb movies take over cinemas to the delight of almost all. Last year I looked at 20 movies that interested me, ended up seeing 8 of them. One on that last is also on this one, since I get my release dates but just looking at IMDB and hoping it is correct. Two movies on my list last year got pushed into this one. I’ve already seen Jupiter Ascending and Furious 7 is coming at the start of April, which is generally the kick off point for summer blockbusters. This year I wasn’t quite able to get the list up to 20, as quite a few of the movies I’ve got my eye on aren’t coming until late in the year. This summer seems to be devoted to trotting out hoarier franchises than usual, dusting them off for either one last go or attempting to reinvigorate them to build on. None of them seem to be particularly great ideas, but I’m sure at least one or two of them will end up being worthwhile. Still, here is a list of 15 or so movies that I will likely make some attempt to see this summer.

Furious 7April 3.  I always kind of want to go see these movies, but I usually end up talking myself out of doing so. This time I am leaning more heavily to actually going. As I said about this movie last year, I don’t expect it to be good, but I do expect it to entertain.

Avengers Age of UltronMay 1. This is the big one this summer. This is the movie that everyone is going to see, and I want to say that I couldn’t be more excited. But I’m not that excited. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see this movie, but I can’t muster the frothing anticipation that everyone else seems to have. Still, it is the surest hit of the summer.

Pitch Perfect 2May 15. The first Pitch Perfect was a fine take on a sports movie with music, but a sequel seems rather unnecessary. Still, Anna Kendrick is great and this at least has the chance to be worth looking into.

Mad Max Fury RoadMay 15.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mad Max movies. I’ve seen them and generally enjoyed them, but they never grabbed me. The trailer for this, though, looked pretty darn good. Plus, Tom Hardy is pretty great.

TomorrowlandMay 22. The named attached to this that is exciting is Brad Bird, responsible for some really great animated movies and the better than expected Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. The rest of it looks good too, what with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie. Yeah, this one looks really good.

San AndreasMay 29.  All I know about this is that it is a disaster movie starring The Rock. My love for The Rock knows no bounds, so I will be looking into this one.

Jurassic WorldJune 12. To date there has been one good Jurassic Park film. The first sequel may be the worst thing Spielberg has ever done and the next one was middling at best. If this can capture even a fraction of the wonder of the original, though, it should be well worth watching. Chris Pratt starring is a good start.

Inside OutJune 19. Pixar took the year off last year, but they have two hitting in 2015. A Pixar film is always something to be excited about. By my count, they have one miss on their resume (Cars 2) and the mixed reviews the last few have garnered are totally undeserved. Pixar is still the king of the animation block, and hopefully this one lives up to their standards.

Terminator GenisysJuly 3.  Another sequel to a franchise that I don’t give a crap about. Yes, Terminator 2 is awesome, as was the last 30 minutes or so of the first one, but the TV show was crap and T3 was just dumb. The plot synopsis sounds convoluted in the worst way. I could see this being something of a complete disaster, but for some reason I still feel compelled to go see it.

Ant-ManJuly 17. This was my most anticipated movie right up until Edgar Wright let the production. I will see anything he directs and his moving on from this film killed a lot of my interest in it. Still, Marvel is currently batting about as well as Pixar and Paul Rudd is just so darn likeable. Hopefully it will be up to Marvels standards. I know I’ll have to see for myself whether it is any good or not.

PanJuly 24 Hugh Jackman is great, but I don’t feel any need for a Peter Pan prequel. The trailer suggests some Oliver Twist like origin for the character, as well as boasting a floating pirate ship. I’m intrigued, but not completely sold. Still, it doesn’t look bad.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – July 31? This is a franchise that I have a lot more interest in. Tom Cruise is a damn entertaining action star and all of the previous MI movies have something to recommend about them. Plus, it still has Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg along for the ride, so that is a plus. I really loved the Brad Bird directed Ghost Protocol, hopefully this one lives up to that.

Fantastic FourAugust 7. Every piece of information about this movie shows it to be hitting the wrong notes for what makes the Fantastic 4 good, as well as just sound kind of terrible in general. This could actually be worse the previous Fantastic 4 movies, which are kind of watchably bad despite a largely really good cast. I love the F4 and want this to be good, but I don’t expect it be more than tolerable.

The Man from UNCLEAugust 14. I really like crime movie Guy Ritchie and mostly enjoyed his Sherlock Holmes movies. Anything he is directing has at least got my attention. This has got a fun cast as well, with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, but I am not really familiar with the show it is based on.

Honestly, the hoary old franchises that really tickle my fancy are coming later than summer. This year the movies I am most anticipating are coming much later in the year. Specifically, the Bond and Star Wars franchises have movies coming out in November and December respectively. Also coming later in the year is Jem and The Holograms, which I am more excited for than I should be, another Pixar movie in The Good Dinosaur and The Peanuts Movie. All of those are more interesting to me than anything this summer other than Avengers 2.