What I Watched in March 15

After I put up last month’s post, I realized that I had actually watched just about the same number of movies and shows in February as January, despite thinking that I have seen significantly fewer. This month, however, I am sure that the number is down. Most of what I watched was The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt over and over. That show is so great. I also didn’t make it to the theater once in March. There were a few movies I wouldn’t have minded seeing, but I just didn’t make time to do so. Well, let’s get on with it.


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – This came back on Netflix just after I watched Snatch, so I gave it another viewing. It is better than Snatch, but only barely. Just like that movie, it is a whirlwind of poor decisions that just keep colliding with each other. It also has some enjoyable performances from Jason Statham and Vinny Jones. All in all just a great movie. *****

Barton Fink – It is a Coen Brothers film, so it is dark and kind of funny. I’m still not sure exactly what I watched, but I am glad I did it. ****1/2

To Be or Not To Be – Mel Brooks is a genius. This is yet another classic to his name. I don’t know that it is quite as good as Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles, but it is still really good. Brooks really likes making fools of Nazis, and he does a good job playing the pompous actor with an absolutely excellent ensemble. *****

Blues Brothers 2000 – This movie might just be a bit too much of Dan Aykroyd. It is more strange than funny most of the time, but the musical numbers are all pretty great. It is just kind of an odd movie. The original Blues Brothers is a classic; this is just a strange shadow. Still, it isn’t unenjoyable, just weird. **

Rich Hill – This is a documentary about poverty in small town American that just so happens to be set in my small town. It is strange to watch something on Netflix and be able to recognize all the people and places in it. I know all three of the kids featured in this; I had them in class as a substitute teacher. That aside, it is a sobering look at how kids in situations can be stuck in a cycle of poverty. ****

Muppet Treasure Island – This is not the best Muppet movie, but even a “bad” Muppet movie is still pretty darn entertaining. The Muppets seem kind of haphazardly fitted into their roles in the story. Still, it has Kermit and Tim Curry, so it is far from bad, but a little weak when compared to some other Muppet outings. ***

Shaolin Soccer – This movie is just so out there I can’t help but love it. It deftly mixes kung fu movie tropes with sports movie tropes and is just all around hilarious. I think I’ve seen it a half dozen times now and it never gets old. *****


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – wrote about it here. I’ve watched the show another time since then. It is just so much fun.

The Spoils of Babylon – I didn’t know I wanted something like this until I watched it. It is so cheesy and bad that I can’t help but find it hilarious. Seeing this over the top melodrama about a rags-to-riches family from the Great Depression through the Sixties just completely tickled my funny bone. It is simultaneously funny and off putting.

Malcolm in the Middle S7 – This show managed to go its full run without any real variation in quality. It was really good all the way through. It also has a pretty terrific ending.

The Office S6-7 – I don’t know why I decided to watch the doldrums of this show. These are a pair of the weakest seasons of this show, but there glimpses in quality all throughout. This is really good killing time viewing.

Mad Men S7 – The first half of season 7 showed up on Netflix and I jumped right on it. It is still really great. I wonder if I’ll be able to wait for the end starting next month or if I’ll have to find a place to stream it much sooner.

Trailer Park Boys S9 – It is not quite as good as Season 8, but it is still largely as fun as the rest of the series.