What I watched in June 2015

I watched quite a few movies this month, but my TV watching was mostly just a bunch of Magnum PI.  Next month I’ll likely make several more trips to the cinema, and maybe see some more things on Netflix.


Silver Linings Playbook – I had heard good things about this, and I generally enjoy Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, so when I saw it on Netflix I fired it up. This is one of the best romance movies I have ever seen.  It is truly touching.  *****

The Last Samurai – I don’t know about the historical accuracy of any of this movie, but it is a finely crafted and acted epic.  It is certainly not perfect, and there is something hinky about how quickly Tom Cruise’s character becomes more than competent as a samurai, but for the most part it is just highly entertaining.  ****

Snow White and the Huntsman – This feels like a bit of a throwback, much more like a fantasy movie from the 80’s than a modern LotR descendant.  I mean that as a very good thing. It also seems to steal many scenes from other movies, including one scene that is all but straight out of Princess Mononoke.  It isn’t a full success, but it is much more entertaining that I expected.  ***

The Nut Job – Egad, this is terrible.  There are the hints of something interesting here, but it is lost in the films desperation to cash in on the fleeting popularity of stuff like Gangnam Style. *

Hector and the Search for Happiness – Simon Pegg’s charisma can’t quite carry this limp nothing of a film. There are a lot of really great performers here that do the best they can with nothing really to work with.  Hector’s search for happiness is more like a boring indulgence.  **1/2

Antitrust – Just a really dumb thriller from the 90’s that for some reason I didn’t change the channel on.  There is nothing to recommend here.  *

Transformers 4 –  You know what this is.  They looked at what they had done with previous Transformers movies, aimed lower and hit their mark.  Fuck this movie.  1/2

Jurassic World – review coming soon.  ***1/2

Wayne’s World – This movie has held up well.  It is smarter than one would expect and Mike Myers is almost always a lot of fun.  ****

Inside Out – review here.  *****


Magnum PI – This show is so great. I am afraid it will leave Netflix before I can finish it.

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