Now Playing in July 2015

A new job and some trouble with my laptop really hampered me doing much video game playing last month. Still, I managed to beat a couple of short games and make some good progress in a couple of Bioware games. I know I’ve fallen behind in my attempt to beat a Bioware game each month, but I think I have a good chance to catch up in August.


The Cave – tcave

I beat this just after it was released, but never went back like I wanted to see all of the endings and beat it with every character. I am doing so now. It gets a little tedious, what with having to beat it with each character twice and three parts of the game being the same every time, but each story is enjoyable the first time and the narrator is a hoot.  I can get a run done in under and hour now.  I really like it style of being an adventure game with platforming mechanics.  It is just a really good time, I hope we get something like it again.

Back to the Future – I picked up all five episodes of this Telltale adventure game for a buck during a sale and recently plowed through the first episode.  It is pretty great.  There are some fun puzzles and it perfectly captures the feel of the movies.  There really isn’t much more to say.  It is an adventure game and it plays like an adventure game.  I’m eager to get the other episodes downloaded and to see if they are as enjoyable as this first one is.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – This is the one generation of Pokemon game I have never beaten.  I’ve pushed about halfway through Emerald years ago, but I found the game tedious. I know a lot of people who hold this game and its twin in high esteem, but I’ve always found them to be the least engaging Pokemon games.  The remade version is in many ways the best Pokemon game, with improvements and conveniences all around, but I am still finding it slow going. A big part of that is that I shoved my 3DS in my pocket and managed to eject the cart, costing me a couple hours worth of play. Still, I was humming along and mostly enjoying it, even though I wasn’t taking to it with the gusto I have with many other games in the series.  I will likely put it aside for Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 next month, but I’ll have this finished sooner rather than later.

Dragon Age Origins – I didn’t manage to finish a Bioware game last month, but I did make significant progress on two of them.  In DA:O, I’ve cleared the town of Lothering and am ready to get the quest started in earnest.  I’m not sure how much I actually like this game so far, and I can’t tell if my gripes are about the game or due to me overloading on playing Bioware games.

KotOR – Steady progress.  I’m not sure if I’ll finish this game before Dragon Age or not, since lately I’ve been having some computer troubles.  I’d hate to lose another playthrough of this about the halfway point.

Elliot Quest – eq

 Another game I’ve only just begun. This is some kind of unholy mix of Cave Story, Link’s Awakening and Kid Icarus. So far it a greatly enjoyable.  My only problem is that it went on sale a couple of days after I paid full price.

A Boy and His Blob – this game is unbelievably adorable. I’ve only just begun and I’ve already fallen in love with the aesthetics of the game. I am enjoying the gameplay as well, but that hasn’t been quite as initially gripping. This is a gem I am sorry I missed originally.


Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 – This is all I’m looking forward to in August, unless I manage to get back to one of the numerous games I’ve abandoned over the last year or so.  Etrian Odyssey is my drug, and Atlus is a dealer more than happy to keep the hits the coming.  I hope they never stop.

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