What I Watched in September 2015

Just about everything I watched last month was something I had already seen before. Next month I should make a trip or two to the theater and see something new.


Mad Max Fury Road ― Yup, this is still excellent even on the small screen *****

God’s Not Dead ― A complete disaster of a movie. It in no way represents any kind of college or human experience, instead just spiraling further and further into insanity.  I don’t have anything against Christian movies, but this one is just not good. *

Back to the Future ―One of the greatest movies of all time. The attention to detail is amazing, as are the performances by all of the cast.  *****

Back to the Future 3 ― I missed 2, but 3 is the better sequel anyway.  It takes the same basic set up and puts it in the Wild West.  It works while changing it just enough to be fresh. I love it. *****

The Adjustment Bureau ―A great cast and an interesting premise that doesn’t quite live up to its potential. I actually really like this movie, and I love that it has a big concept but keeps the focus fairly grounded but somehow it just feels a little lacking.  Still, it’s not bad.  ***

First Blood ―This movie is not what anyone thinks about when they think about Rambo, but it is still largely an excellent movie.  It is a much more somber film than the others.  Rambo is less an incredible badass and more a completely broken mess of a person.  ****

Cliffhanger ―This was more fun than I remembered.  It is real dumb, but I still greatly enjoyed it.  It is not Stallone at his best, but it is still prime Sly.  ***

The Search for General Tso ― A very interesting documentary about the origins of General Tso’s chicken, a Chinese food dish that doesn’t appear to originate in China.  Good stuff. ****

Rocky Balboa ― This is an excellent farewell to Stallone’s iconic boxer.  A much better film than the dreadful Rocky V.  This one actually manages to get back to the tone of the original while also having something new to say.  ****


Gotham ― It came to Netflix, so I tried to watch it again.  Despite some good performances, this show is a complete mess. It wants to be Batman, but since its premise makes that impossible it doesn’t know what to do, so it just flails along for 22 episodes.  Maybe things will be fixed in the second season.

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