Now Playing in Nov ‘15

It wasn’t really a banner month for playing games.  I just didn’t have a lot that felt worth playing.  Triforce Heroes was great, and I’ll likely get back to it for some more online play, and Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky is some good comfort food gaming, but otherwise I spent my time doing other things.  


Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes – wrote about it here

Yakuza 4 – The Yakuza series is unlike anything else around.  It manages to feel current and more like something from the PS2 generation, in a good way.  It is some combination of a GTA style game with the sensibilities of something like River City Ransom.  I unabashedly love this series, to the point where I am unable to write coherently about it.  Yakuza 4 is narratively a departure for the series, being the first game that is not about Kazuma Kiryu, at least primarily.  It is more like four small Yakuza, each with a different protagonist, jammed together.  It makes the game seem both really long and too short.  Each individual segment is a little too short, but combined it makes a more than lengthy adventure.  While none of the new protagonists are Kiryu cool, but each of them has their strengths.  I can’t wait until Yakuza 5 later this year, hopefully.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – I finally overcame losing a ton of progress in this game, only to again lose a ton of progress.  How my niece hit the cartridge in the 3DS with a nerf dart while I was playing it and managed to eject it from my system I’ll never know.  While in many ways this version of Pokemon is obviously the best, especially in the way of little conveniences that make playing easier, it is still my least favorite to actually play.  The pacing of this adventure is laborious and unintuitive.  I went several hours without so much as sniffing a gym, only to fight two back to back.  I am also not a fan of the roster of pokemans available in the main game.  I just can’t seem to build a team that I like.  That last problem is all on me, though.  

Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky – This is jrpg comfort food.  It seems to be deliberately hitting notes much like games from the 16-bit days or the entire output of GameArts.  It never really elevates above the style of games it is imitating, but it is a pretty fun facsimile.  It does have a problem with being overly talky, but that doesn’t really get in the way.  I hope to have it finished and have a full post up before too long.

Conception 2 – I don’t like this game.  That is the nice way of putting things.  I have a long post that goes into more detail about how I find it creepy and gross, but I’m not sure if I’ll post it.  Just to be clear, though, this game is creepy and gross and simply not very good.

Smash Bros 4 – With my brother’s in town for Thanksgiving, we played a few hours of this.  It was the first chance I had to really play with some of the new characters.  Lucas, Ryu and Roy are a lot of fun, as is this game in general.  Every time I play this I say to myself that  I need to play this more, only I never end up doing so unless I have my brother’s around to play with.  I really stick to it this time.  Or maybe I’ll just play Xenoblade X.


Xenoblade Chronicles X – While everyone gushes about that Fallout game that you couldn’t pay me to care about, I am going to go nuts over what is essentially its Japanese equivalent.  Just proof of the hypocrisy at work anytime I go off about how much I don’t like Bethesda games.

Rune Factory 4 – I bought this from the eshop during the Black Friday sale.  I have enjoyed pretty much all the time I have put into the previous entries in this series, but I still tend to lose interest before I get too far.  Or my disc gets damaged and I can’t continue, like with the Wii game.  Hopefully I play this for more than a few hours before it gets stuck permanently in my to get back to pile.

Steamworld Heist – This has been among my most anticipated titles all year.  December 10 is hardly the Fall release I was promised, but nothing is going to stop me from snatching this up right away.

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