Now Playing April 2016


Mega Man Legacy Collection – Wrote about it here. The only game I beat was Mega Man 2, but I played some of all of them and got close to the end of Mega Man 3.

Star Fox Zero – review coming soon.


Super Mario RPG – Progress was made, a write up is coming. It is taking me way too long to beat what is a fairly short RPG. I am liking it much more than I expected and probably more than I would have if I had played it back in the day. It is definitely the odd duck when it comes to Mario’s forays into this genre.

Bravely Second – It is too early to say if this game has fixed the problems of the first title, since that game’s flaws did not become apparent until far into the game, but it has certainly retained the first game’s charms. It brought back the best characters from the first game, added some fun new ones and kept the spirit of adventure and job shenanigans. I am having a blast with this so far. It can be too chatty at times, and some of the new classes are strange, but I am liking it a lot.

Trails in the Sky – wrote about it here. I am done with this game for the foreseeable future, and likely with this series. I still hope they all get localized, but I am not particularly eager to play them.

Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse – I’m about halfway done, but I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to play recently. I should have a write up before too long.

Enslaved Journey to the West – I haven’t played much more than the opening, but I think I am going to like this. It is so unlike everything else I’ve played on the PS3. It is colorful and fun.

Return to Popolocrois – I said I wasn’t going to rush through this game, and I am not. Especially since all of my 3DS time is now Bravely Second time. This game is still suffused with warmth and charm that few other games can touch, but that does not in itself make it a particularly compelling experience. Still, I am going to take this at a relaxed pace between tons of other 3DS RPGs this year and hopefully get it finished sometime.


Hyper Light Drifter – I got this for PC when I wanted it for WiiU. But WiiU was a dicey proposition, so I figured I would just take it on the platform I had. Since I’ve borrowed an Xbox controller from my brother to play it with, I hope to spend some time with it in the near future. So far all the Kickstarter games that I’ve gotten have been excellent; I hope this continues the trend.

Illusion of Gaia – This is the first game that I am playing for my 25 SNES project that I am actually playing on my SNES. It was more than a decade ago that I stumbled on this game at a garage sale. I hadn’t actually heard of it, but something made me determined to buy it. I’ve sat down with the intention of playing several times in the intervening years, but I’ve never gotten more than an hour into it. I have heard so many good things about it that I am not going to give up this time. It seems like the perfect early summer game, so I hope everything works out.

Sparkster – This is due up once I finish Super Mario RPG and Magical Quest. I expect to get to it before the end of the month and play it in conjunction with Illusion of Gaia. No promises.

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