Now Playing in September 2016


Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation – see post here.

Space Megaforce – see post here.

Super Mario RPG – post coming soon.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – see post here.


Secret of Evermore – I’ve put some significant time into this game and it is surprisingly good considering its reputation. Thinking about what I am going to write about this game reminded me that somehow Seiken Densetsu 3 didn’t make it on my 25 SNES games list, even though I’ve never played it. Secret of Evermore may not be as good as that game, but it is much better than it’s somewhat reviled reputation might lead one to believe. It plays like a classic 16-bit action RPG, but with a story that isn’t filtered through tight space restrictions and cultural differences, at least not as strongly as most.

Dragon Quest VII – I should be finishing this game before too much longer. It isn’t really a game to rush through, its episodic nature doesn’t really suit marathon play sessions. It is a near perfect portable RPG. Each island takes only an hour or so, which makes this ideal to play in short bursts. This is a game designed to keep the player involved for an hour a day for three or four months. At about 20 hours in the main plot is still at best simmering in the background, but each and every island has had an internally satisfying story that keeps the player moving along. The job system just unlocked, which is sure to give the gameplay as much to keep the player interested as the story and characters. So far, this game is great.

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – I only managed to complete the first case and the first half of the second before Dragon Quest VII hit and distracted me. I’ve loved what I’ve played so far. The first case felt more involved that first cases usually are; it wasn’t especially long, but it did an excellent job of setting up the troubles that Phoenix and company will be dealing with for the rest of the game. I don’t have a clue how that will play out, but so far this is a pretty strong entry in the series.


Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse – I really like the original SMT4 and it has been a while since I’ve played a game in the series. I already bought the game, even though I knew that I’d be tied up with Dragon Quest VII and Ace Attorney for the next couple of weeks. Still, this looks really good. I might have to take a break from Dragon Quest VII to get some of this in, but it is hard to put that game aside. Still, as soon as I’m done with that I’ll be popping this game in.

Jotun – This piqued my interest, so I grabbed it during its introductory sale. That purchase made extra sure I wouldn’t be able to afford River City Tokyo Rumble. I expected to get into this already, but between finishing Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Super Mario RPG, I just didn’t end up with a lot of time to play this. I’ll likely get to it in the coming month.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja – This is the next game up after Secret of Evermore. I’m less and less sure about actually finishing 25 SNES games this year, but I am not going to give up.

Skyblazer – After Mystical Ninja. Or maybe before, since I am emulating this one.

Robotrek – See above. I am going to try to make up some ground on this project in October.

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