Rambley Bits 1-14-10: Football and Zelda

I’m looking for a different title for this running feature.  Rambley Bits is alright, but it fit better with the old blog title.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.

  • I was 2-2 picking the Wild Card games last week.  Who saw Seattle being the only home team to win?
  • The Jets managed to steal one from the severely depleted Colts.  The Jets are a good team, a very good team, but an even remotely healthy Indy team wins that game.
  • That being said, I’m taking the Jets of the Patriots this weekend.  Because I actually like the Jets and I refuse to pick pure evil to win a game.  24-17 Jets.
  • Ravens exposed the Chiefs inexperience and complete lack of a passing game.  Dwayne Bowe is a good receiver, though he does suffer from occasional bouts of board hands, but the rest of the receivers are terrible.  And Matt Cassel, as goos as he was this year, is nothing more than serviceable.
  • Steelers over Ravens.  Baltimore won’t win twice in Pittsburgh.  It’ll come down to Roethlisberger over Flacco.  17-13 Steelers
  • .The Packers found a running game against the Eagles.  It will be karmic justice if Philly doesn’t get back to the NFC Title game, let alone the Super Bowl without McNabb.
  • Packers over Falcons.  As good as the Falcons have been this year, they haven’t really blown me away.  So my pre-season Super Bowl pick Packers get the nod over them.  24-21 Packers
  • The Seahawks pulled a crazy upset over the Saints.  It won’t happen again.  31-21 Bears.
  • On to not sports, I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  I didn’t play it immediately due to the lackluster reaction if got around its release.  I’m through the first dungeon and so far I’d call it one of the best games on the DS.
  • I do, however, miss exploring the over world and would not have minded some sort of alternative to the stylus controls.
  • In other Nintendo games with slightly disappointing critical reaction, Mario Kart Wii is tons of fun.  I’d played it before, but now I’ve unlocked just about everything on my Wii.
  • Daisy is the best character.  She screeches with joy at every jump and boost.  It’s perfectly annoying.
  • Hi! I’m Daisy.
  • Speaking of annoying voices, every Wii owner owes it to themselves to play Klonoa. They also owe it to themselves to turn off the English voices and turn on the gibberish.  It’s less annoying.
  • I finally found Sense and Sensibility and have almost finished it.  While it hasn’t reaches the quality of Pride and Prejudice, it has been thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Meanwhile, King Solomon’s Mine has gone back on the shelf until I finish with Austen.
  • Quick Comic Reviews.  After 5 issues of set up and treading water, Green Lantern:  Emerald Warriors 6 finally gets moving.  Guy is fun as always and Bleez, the red lantern on the cover, seems in line for some fleshing out, finally.
  • Justice League: Generation Lost 17 feels like a roller coaster about 2 seconds away from going off the tracks.  It is exciting, but I’m already bracing for it t end in tragedy.
  • Batgirl 17 is a team up with her and Robin, Damian Wayne.  The two have great chemistry, like two cousins forced to spend time with each other.  Loads of fun.
  • Birds of Prey 8 is the 2nd part of the Death of Oracle (yeah, right) arc.  Things are going to shit for the team.  Gail Simone manages to write things going to shit as good fun.
  • It is sad that Thor: The Might Avenger is ending after 8 issues.  It feels like Thor was only halfway through his tour of the Marvel Universe.  I would say it ends on a high note, but every issue has been so good that it is not strictly true.  Anyone with even a passing interest in superhero comics should read this.

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