The Quest 2

In the first week of my concentrated effort to clear out my PS2 backlog I have made some good progress. I started the week playing two games: Activision and Neversoft’s Gun and Tsugunai: Atonement developed by Cattle Call and published by Atlus. So far, I would say I enjoyed both of them to at least some degree.

I beat Gun. It is a competently made GTA-clone with an–at the time at least–unique setting, but it definitely has its flaws. For one, its game world is very small. There is a decent variety of missions, but there just aren’t very many of them. There is a variety of locales, but they are all really small. Even with how small they are, they are still sparsely populated. Gun manages to feel both cramped and empty. That doesn’t ruin the game, though. It just leaves the player wishing there were more, and that is not the worst thing to say about a game.

I just really wish they had done a better job with the story. Gun’s story is just a slap-dash collection of western clichés that does a decent job developing the protagonist but leaves everyone else simple caricatures (the gold-hearted hooker, the corrupt mayor, etc.). I would like to see how it stacks up against the recent Red Dead Redemption. Gun is a good, but nowhere near great game.

Tsugunai: Atonement I did not beat. I haven’t quite played quite enough of it to form a full opinion on it; the game is structured into 34 missions and I’ve cleared 9 of them. So far, the game is long on ideas and short on execution. I really like the premise: the main characters spirit has been separated from his body and he must possess people to help them solve their problems. Someone could make a great game around this idea, but Tsugunai does not appear to be that game. The most obvious flaw is in how the game looks. Not only are the graphics bland, which they very much are, but also the screen is very dark. This is not a problem with my TV; I can see every other game just fine. However, Tsugunai is often so dark you cannot even see how bland the graphics are. On the plus side, the soundtrack is by Yasunori Mitsuda at his Chrono Crossiest.

So next week I’m going to continue hacking away at Tsugunai and start up Gungrave. I’ve been told Gungrave is quite short, so if I finish that I may start on Castlevania: Lament of Innocence or start again on Growlanser III. 27 left.

  1. Tsugunai:  Atonement
  2. Gungrave
  3. Okage:  The Shadow King
  4. ChoroQ
  5. Chaos Legion
  6. Mark of the Kri
  7. Forever Kingdom
  8. Silent Hill 2
  9. Darkwatch
  10. Shining Force Neo
  11. Genji
  12. Maximo
  13. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  14. Front Mission 4
  15. Grim Grimoire
  16. Killer 7
  17. Star Ocean 3
  18. SMT Devil Summoner 2
  19. Shining Tears
  20. Growlanser 3
  21. Drakengard 2
  22. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
  23. Wild Arms 3
  24. Rogue Galaxy
  25. The Thing
  26. Eve of Extinction
  27. SMT Nocturne
  28. Gun
  29. Steambot Chronicles
  30. Bully
  31. Unlimited Saga
  32. Phantom Brave

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