Gaming in the Clinton Years?

These videos have been making their rounds on the internet for a few years, but having rediscovered them recently I’ve realized that they never get old. A quick google search of “gaming in the Clinton Years” or “George Wood,” the deranged reviewer, will find you someone going after them with much more fervor and glee than I can muster, but I’d still like to highlight some of the more ridiculous reviews.

These are some prime entertainment. This reviewer combines a perfect blend of ignorance, belligerence and enthusiasm with some nonsensical mad-libs like observations. Whether he is exhorting the player to just give up on hard levels, spoiling every bit of story he can get his hands on or just wishing Lara Croft would get breast cancer, you’ll never be exactly sure where he is coming from or where he is going.

His Goldeneye review as a lot of time makes fools of us all in it, as Goldeneye was really one of first games to sell mostly due to its multiplayer. But it is nowhere near as hard as he seems to believe. And suggesting any game ape Turok is as incorrect as possible.

On Mega Man Legends, he praises the game for being more story focused, like he wished more games were, then faults it for being too story focused. Making a story heavy Mega Man is as bad as a Mario sports game indeed.

I could keep posting these all day, but the complete failure of his Symphony of the Night Review is a good stopping place.  Search for Gaming in the Clinton Years on youtube and have fun.


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