Biweekly Quick Comic Review 2

  • Action Comics 903. Written by Paul Cornell, art by Axel Gimenez.   I missed Paul Cornell’s work with Lex on this title, having started with 900, but unlike most people, I am thoroughly enjoying this Doomsday story. It is goofy, but in a fun way. Sure, there are plot holes you could drive a truck through, but Superman fires himself out of a cannon at the Doomsday fortress. This is merely an excuse for Superman and his allies to fight the biggest, most ridiculous threat imaginable and triumph. ***1/2
  • Daredevil 1. Written by Mark Waid, art by Paulo Rivera and Marcos Martin. Mark Waid does something not seen with Daredevil for the last quarter century: something new. He seems to be significantly brightening up the blind hero’s world. Waid is one of the best at pure superhero stories and the art in this book is fantastic. It is a new take on Daredevil that is simultaneously fresh and true to the character. This is a great comic. *****
  • Flashpoint: Project Superman 2. Written by Scott Snyder and Lowell Francis, art by Gene Ha. This is easily one of the best Flashpoint tie-ins, up there with Frankenstein. It is often gruesome, but with reason. The world of Flashpoint is a terrible place for everybody. Project Superman actually has an interesting “What if?” scenario for its main character. What if his rocket had been found but the government and not a kindly couple? I do like the reversal of his relationship with Gen. Lane, who here treats him as much like a son as possible. It also fixes a quibble I had with Flashpoint 3, that Superman would always be good. I don’t know if he will show back up in the main series, but his interactions with Gen, Lane give him reason to be a hero. ****
  • Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 12. Written by Peter Tomasi, art by Chris Batista. This title is plainly and obviously treading water until the big September reboot, but the last 2 issues have been the best of the series. A giant, green energy eating space spider is causing trouble for the corps, so Guy must form a team, without regulars like Arisia and Kilowog, to take care of it. So he gathers some red shirts and gets the job done. The only other survivor, the walrus-like Theodoric, is a character I hope to see more of. It is a good, not great, one off story. ***
  • Power Girl 26. Written by Matthew Sturges, art by Hendry Prasetya. Matt Sturges comes on to finish out this book with a pair of one shot issues. This one is pretty damn good. Power Girl is signing autographs at a Power Girl convention, which I have no problem believing exist in the DC Universe. One fan turns out to be an alien who wants to steal PG’s powers. With the help of some young fans, PG stops the alien. It isn’t complex, but it is fun and well executed. ***1/2

Even Quicker Reviews:

  • Batman: Gates of Gotham 3. Strong character work. ***½
  • Detective Comics 880. Not surprising, but still really good. ****
  • Flashpoint Wonder Woman and the Furies 2. A disjointed, sloppy mess. **
  • Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost 2. Lost is an accurate description, but it is still fun. ***
  • Flashpoint Lois Lane and the Resistance 2. Surprisingly strong, both in art and concept. ***
  • Green Lantern Corps 62. Kind of dumb. **
  • Supergirl 66. Fun, snappy superheroics. ***½
  • War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath 1. Turgid and dull. **

Always Sunny S. 1, Ep. 4

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1, Episode 4:

Charlie Has Cancer

For too long I was of the opinion that the addition of Danny Devito as Frank marked a bad turn on Always Sunny. That was all through the second season, as I recalled how great season 1 was. I don’t hold that opinion any longer, especially after this rewatch and realizing just how limited season 1 was. It was more restrained, but that is more held back from the heights it would achieve and less grounded in reality. Season1, even being only seven episodes long, still manages to retread a lot of ground. Continue reading