Now Playing in March 2016

I didn’t play much besides Fire Emblem in March. That and Ace Attorney. I just didn’t make time to play much. Honestly, my interest in new games keeps dropping lower. I still feel little desire to pick up a new system, being more content to go down with the WiiU ship and reassess my commitment to this hobby once game for it and the 3DS dry up.


Fire Emblem Fate: Conquest – read about it here.

Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations – read about it here.

R-Type III – Read about it here.


Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess –


I just played through this last year, so while I jumped on the HD remake, I was not quite as eager to play it. Still, arguing on the internet got me to fire it to see just how slow the opening section is. It’s not that slow. It doesn’t rush, but the game builds its world with care and gives the player interesting things to do for about 45 minutes before the action starts in earnest. I’ll get to the rest of the game before too long, but for now that taste was enough to sate me.

Bravely Second Demo – The Bravely Second demo shows what the game is: more Bravely Default. As someone who liked the first game just fine, that sounds great. I hope the end of the game doesn’t fall apart quite as much, but this demo shows that it kept most of the good parts around. I can’t wait for the full game.

Return to Popolocrois


I’ve only barely cleared the intro, but it is about what I expected. It is really low key and charming. It doesn’t make for a pressing, compelling experience, but it is certainly relaxing. At some point I will write this game up, but it might be some time because I am not going to rush through it.

Trails in the Sky – The more I play this game the more it seems like something I should like, but for some reason I just don’t. I can’t quite put my finger on it, and things aren’t helped by the fact that my PSP always seems to be dead. I will push on through and finish up in April.

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom – read about it here.

Super Mario RPG – I’ve made it about halfway through this and it’s been an amazing experience so far. It is very much a product of 16-bit era Squaresoft and I forgotten how well they had master role playing games on the SNES. I don’t think it captures the Mario experience as well as later Mario RPGs nor is it as good as Square’s best on the system, but it is close enough to both that it is just wonderful.


Bravely Second – I am getting kind of RPGed out, but I am glad we are seeing this game. The first game was great until about the third time through it, so hopefully they change the structure some, but I am up for another romp with these mechanics.

Enslaved Journey to the West – I’ve got this downloaded on my PS3 and I’ve already played the intro, but I will start it in earnest next month some time. I hope it lives up to the praises some friends of mine have sung for it.

Star Fox 0 – I am equally dreading and anticipating this game. I love Star Fox 64, but I don’t really care for any other game in the series. I guess the two Gamecube games weren’t horrible, but I kind of hated the DS game. This series feels in many ways like Nintendo’s Sonic the Hedgehog. It was great once, but they don’t know how to evolve the series to keep it relevant. At least this one seems to actually just be the stuff people want out of Star Fox.

Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse – Another SNES game I’ve never played. The 16-bit Mickey games seem to be rather well-regarded, but I’ve never touched them. I don’t expect it to take me long to get through it. I’ll get on it right after I finish Super Mario RPG.

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