Now Playing October 2016


Skyblazer – read about it here.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja – read about it here.

Dragon Quest 7 – read about it here.


Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice –


I liked Dual Destinies when it came out, but after having played through the first three games again it was apparent how lacking that game was in comparison. This one, at least through the first two and a half cases, seems razor focused and really gets what makes this series so enjoyable. I think they might have cracked how to handle having both Apollo and Phoenix available to lead cases. Ideally they would each get their own games, but as that is an impossibility putting them in separate locations working on somewhat connected cases is working so far. The game lives and dies by the writing, and in the first two cases it has been very good.

SMT 4: Apocalypse – I’ve barely gotten started, but this is certainly more Shin Megami Tensei 4. I really liked the original game, and this one seems to have fixed some of the game’s minor problems and exacerbated others. Still, SMT games come around infrequently enough that I am more than happy with what I’ve played, though that is only the first couple of hours or so.

Secret of Evermore – Slow progress here, but I am enjoying the game. It is an odd one, feeling like Secret of Mana in some ways, but also very clearly an American game in others. It definitely doesn’t deserve the hate it gets from those who wanted Seiken Densetsu 3, but I don’t know that it deserves the praise I’ve seen elsewhere.

Robotrek – I’ve played through the opening here and this game is something special, even if it isn’t especially great. So far it isn’t great, merely pretty good, but it is doing a lot of interesting and original things.


Pokémon Moon – I am liking what I’m seeing from this game and I’m really looking forward to a somewhat remixed take on the usual formula. It will certainly still play like Pokémon, but I wonder what the campaign will be like without gyms. Nintendo and Game Freak really haven’t failed yet with this series.

Jotun – I paid for it, but I haven’t made time to play it yet. I really want to, but I’ve felt obliged to spend a lot of my gaming time playing SNES games, which is a certain way to make them feel like work instead of fun. If I start to feel that way, this is what I will break up that up with.

Wild Guns – I am not giving up on the 24 SNES games, even though it is looking less and less likely that I will manage to finish any time before March. If that is what it takes, that is what I’ll do. Until then, I’ll keeping playing the games, with Wild Arms next on the docket and one of the last non-RPGs that I have to play.

Lufia 2 – Next up after I finish one of those SNES RPGs I’m already playing. Hopefully this one goes better than the first Lufia game.

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