Always Sunny Season 1, Episode 7

Charlie Got Molested.

This is the seventh and final episode of the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is also the best episode of the season. The central problem of Mac, Dee and Dennis thinking that Charlie got molested and Charlie acting strange enough to justify that suspicion spin all four characters into hilarious directions. We see Dee and Dennis using competing half-baked psychological theories to help Charlie face his abuse, Charlie trying to avert a tragedy he inadvertently and drunkenly caused and Mac, showing his naïve vulnerable side as well as his complete asshole side tries to figure out why he wasn’t molested. Continue reading


Always Sunny Episode 6

The Gang Finds a Dead Guy.

I’ll start by saying I appreciate Mac wanting to beat up Tom Brady, a sentiment I agree with. Of course, Dee is absolutely right, Mac is delusional. This is not one of my favorite episodes, though it does have some really good bits.

It starts as the title says, the gang finds a dead guy. This really isn’t much of anything until his granddaughter arrives and Mac and Dennis start competing to win her affections. This is one of the earliest spots that Macs proves he is, if not a better person at least more naïve than his friends. Yes, all four of them are awful, awful people, but Mac is often a little less awful. Dennis is a complete sociopath, Dee pretends to care but doesn’t really care for anything other than herself and Charlie is a monster man. Mac is a lowlife, but aside from the joy he takes in spreading STDs he is mostly a stupid but harmless lowlife. In dealing with the granddaughter Dennis is able to beat Mac every time because Mac has limits to how far he will take a lie. Dennis doesn’t.

This also triggers Dee’s story about feeling bad that the man dies old and alone and decides to visit her elderly grandfather. Unfortunately she has a not too funny exaggerated fear of old people. So she recruits Charlie to come with her and their grandfather mistakes Charlie for Dennis. He has a task for Dennis/Charlie, to bring him his war uniform so he can die in uniform. He also throws around a ton of anti-semitic slurs, alluding to the soon to come reveal.

While Dennis and Mac’s lies escalate, Charlie finds out that Dennis’s Pop-pop was a Nazi. He let’s Mac in on the secret and decide not to bring the uniform to the old Nazi, but to sell it. The terrific verbal beat down that the curator of the museum lays on the pair makes them decide maybe they can’t sell it.

As the episode goes along, Mac gets more and more frustrated while Dennis gets more outlandish and smug. It culminates when Dennis comes to gloat over his victory in the battle for the girl and Mac drops the Nazi grandpa bomb on him in front of the burning uniform. While Mac loses at every turn in this episode, he is able to ruin Dennis’s victory.

This is one of the weaker episodes in the series. Charlie has little to do and Dee’s fear of old people just isn’t that funny. Still, the Nazi stuff and Dennis and Mac’s little war keep the episode from being a complete loss. That bit with the museum curator is really one of the best in the show. I do like that this episode continues the feeling of not forcing the gang into outlandish situations, but letting them get there on their own. Except for Dee’s irrational fear, there is pretty clear escalation to every part of the episode.

Always Sunny S. 1, Ep. 4

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1, Episode 4:

Charlie Has Cancer

For too long I was of the opinion that the addition of Danny Devito as Frank marked a bad turn on Always Sunny. That was all through the second season, as I recalled how great season 1 was. I don’t hold that opinion any longer, especially after this rewatch and realizing just how limited season 1 was. It was more restrained, but that is more held back from the heights it would achieve and less grounded in reality. Season1, even being only seven episodes long, still manages to retread a lot of ground. Continue reading

Always Sunny Season 1 Episode 2

Charlie wants an Abortion

Episode 2 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia decides to hit a controversial topic that was ignored in the first episode: Abortion. Of course, instead of taking a firm stand one way or the other, though the anti-abortion people come off worse, the show uses the subject to mock the characters not the debate. Continue reading

Always Sunny Episode 1

I’m getting back to doing TV reviews, only now as re-watches, with more of a focus on commentary about the episode and less about determining their relative quality. Also, instead of sticking with Futurama, I’ve decided to rotate shows after every season. So now I’m doing It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1. Next, I’ll do Home Movies Season 1, then Arrested Development Season 1 and then back to Futurama. The plan is for an episode every Saturday, but we’ll see how well I keep up with that. On with the shows

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Episode 1: The Gang Gets Racist. Continue reading