My NFL Picks Week 3

After the debacle of week 1, I recovered pretty well in week 2. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. In other good football news, I won my games in two of the three fantasy leagues I’m in. Unfortunately, my loss in the other league was downright embarrassing.

Some of the picks for this week are a little harder than they appear, as many of the favored teams are on the road. It would be easy to pick the Lions over the Vikings if they weren’t playing in Minnesota. I still am going to make that pick, but it gives me some pause now. How about Atlanta at Tampa Bay? That is an easier pick in Atlanta. Or the Patriots at the Bills. The Bills have been good enough so far to get some consideration against the Patriots at home. Still, I’m not sure I want to pull the trigger on that upset.

Then there are the teams with QB issues. Will Vick play? Would I pick the Giants if he didn’t? Tough call. Assuming he plays, how effective will Romo be with a broken rib? Then there is Blaine Gabbert getting his first start against the Panthers. Will he be as effective as Newton and Dalton have been so far? All in all, there are plenty of deceptively hard picks this week.

  • Patriots at Bills. Patriots 34-31
  • 49ers at Bengals. 49ers 20-16
  • Dolphins at Browns. Browns 21-17
  • Broncos at Titans. Titans 24-21
  • Lions at Vikings. Detroit 34-24
  • Texans at Saints. Saints 31-20
  • Giants at Eagles. Eagles 27-21
  • Jaguars at Panthers. Jaguars 28-24
  • Jets at Raiders. Jets 17-10
  • Ravens at Rams. Ravens 27-17
  • Chiefs at Chargers. Chargers 31-10
  • Packers at Bears. Packers 30-24
  • Cardinals at Seahawks. Cardinals 27-14
  • Falcons at Buccaneers. Buccaneers 31-28
  • Steelers at Colts. Steelers 34-17
  • Redskins at Cowboys. Cowboys 27-21

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 20-12