NFL Picks Week 8

My picks were awful last week, with me going 7-6. Some were obviously bad, like Titans over Texans, but some were complete surprises, like Jags over Ravens. Hopefully this is a blip on my otherwise solid prediction season.

This week is cowards week for me. I want to pick several upsets, but since I kind of want to pick so many, I am going to pick none. I want to pick the Colts over the Titans. Yeah, the Colt were Godawful last week, but they will win a game or two. I want to pick the Vikings over the Panthers, but despite some baffling hype Ponder was worse that McNabb has been all season. I want to ride the Tebow train over the Lions, but I think the Lions are legitimately too good. And I want to pick the Chiefs over the Chargers, but both of these teams are frauds. The Chiefs only beat the Raiders because they had the worst QB play I’ve seen in years and didn‘t have McFadden for most of the game. Palmer had a very good excuse, not knowing the playbook because he had been there all of 4 days; Boller was just sad. I think he played himself out of any sort of permanent roster spot. The Chargers are just as bad as the Chiefs. I still think the Raiders win that division, but he Chargers win this game.

Colts at Titans: Titans
Saints at Rams: Saints
Dolphins at Giants: Giants
Vikings at Panthers: Panthers
Cardinals at Ravens: Ravens
Jaguars at Texans: Texans
Redskins at Bills: Bills
Lions at Broncos: Lions
Patriots at Steelers: Steelers
Browns at 49ers: 49ers
Bengals at Seahawks: Bengals
Cowboys at Eagles: Eagles
Chargers at Chiefs: Chargers

Last Week: 7-6

Season: 71-32