Superhero Movie Rankings Revision

Last March I made of list of every superhero movie* ranked by goodness. Since no less than five new superhero movies have been released and instead of redoing the whole list, I’ve just made a few edits to the post and stuck the post to the top bar so it can be easily accessed. At some point I will go through and add links to my reviews of the films that I have reviewed on this site. So what changes were made? I added seven movies to the list and changed the ranking of one other.

To start with, I added Hellboy (at 25) and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (at 5) to the list. I left them off last year because I didn’t really consider them superhero movies, plus I hadn’t seen the first one in years and had never seen the sequel. Late last year I got on a Guillermo Del Toro kick and watched all of his movies. It turns out that the Hellboy movies are very much superhero movies and also that Hellboy 2 is goddamn awesome. So I slotted Hellboy down around the not bad movies and put Hellboy 2 as high as I could justify, which is at the bottom of the movies I love.

As for last year’s movies, I moved Deadpool, which was already on the list, down a few notches to 33. I wasn’t crazy about it when it came out and I like it even less a year removed from it. I put X-Men Apocalypse, my least favorite superhero movie of last year, at 36. Then it was Suicide Squad at 28. Dr. Strange enters at 20 because it had to go below Ant-Man, which I liked more. Then it was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Ultimate Cut at 17, which is above Man of Steel and below Batman Begins, the two I was really comparing it to. And finally, entering the list at 12 is Captain America Civil War, which I put just ahead of the Avengers.

I will keep this list accessible and I intend to adjust it every year after seen that year’s superhero movies. And I will make any other changes that I feel necessary, whether that be reconsidering a movie or finally watching one I hadn’t seen that got left off. Next year will see some significant changes thanks to the plethora of superhero movies coming out over the next 12 months. We’ll see how LEGO Batman, Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League stack up.

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