Now Playing August 2020


Fire Emblem Three Houses – I’ll have a full post at some time, but I think I am going to play some more before I do that. I’ve cleared one path and have started up my next one. I have some problems with this game, largely that I feel like exploring the Monastery keeps me away from the parts of the game I like, but I can see why this game has taken off like it has. All the stuff surrounding the battles are interesting even if I don’t much like running around, and the battles are top notch as well.

Yakuza 4 – I’ve got a post coming soon. This is not my favorite Yakuza game, but I still don’t regret playing it for a second time.


Atelier Ryza – I got this on sale about the same time I picked up Three Houses. Three Houses came first, but I am getting to it now. The last time I played an Atelier game for any significant time was Atelier Iris 2. (I do own Atelier Rorona, but I barely got started with it before getting distracted.) Through three or four hours I quite like this game. It sets up an interesting battle system and a fun low key adventure. I am looking forward to really digging into this. It seems relaxing.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – This was released late in the month, and I only managed to play one dungeon. I still really like the moment to moment gameplay. I like the structure of it following your caravan over years, as you get stronger and stronger and go further and further from home, with the world changing as you get further in. I’ll soon see if any of the rest of it hold up to my memories. Hopefully in the next week or two.

Final Fantasy IX – This remains one of my favorite games in the series. I let myself get distracted by Three Houses and other things, but I will get back to it sooner or later.


Final Fantasy Tactics A2 – I have a stack of handheld FF games to go through in my replay, and I think I am going to stick with the Ivalice games for now. I remember liking this more than FFTA when I first played it, but I wonder how well it holds up.

Yakuza 5 – I am going to finish this series replay soon. In my memory this is the best one.

Chrono Cross – This game’s 20th anniversary passed recently, and I’ve developed a strong hankering to play it again.

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