Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

On August 28, 1917 Jacob Kurtzberg, better known as Jack Kirby, the King of Comics, was born.  As everyone should know Kirby was at least partly responsible for most of Marvel’s superheroes and for innumerable characters for many other comic companies.  From Captain America to the Fantastic Four to the New Gods, Jack Kirby is responsible for more characters that have appeared in comic books than anyone else.  To commemorate his birthday I am posting one of my favorite images ever from Jack Kirby.

Click to view it in all its glory, with its Wild Human Preserves and Orangutan Surfing Society and the Mad Hole, Country of the Screamers. This is the map of the world of Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth.  It is a world where men are the animals and animals rule.  Like planet of the apes but with tigers and dogs.  There is enough wild imagination in this image to keep me marveling over it forever.

I love this map.  I love it so much.  DC is putting out a Kamadi Omnibus next month and you can be sure I am down for that.  Dynamite is currently publishing a series of comics called Kirby Genesis, which focus on unused Kirby concepts.  It is a pale imitation, like a glow in the dark neon tie-dyed shirt is pale, but it is as close as you get to new Kirby these days.  I like it a lot so far. With time and the inclination I could post hundreds of  amazing Kirby drawings, but I think this one is enough.


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